Our Story

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Every Saturday morning I would wake to the sweet smells of my dad baking cakes, pies and cookies from scratch. My dad would often share his sweet creations with family, friends, neighbors, and even my school teachers. I remember after they tasted his sweet creations their eyes would light up with excitement and they would commend him on his great work.

As I got older, I learned that my dad's recipes were actually
handed down to him from my grandmother and my
great-grandmother.  I've refined our family recipes in hopes
to share these sweet creations with the world.  I've always
loved oatmeal; who doesn't love a good cookie?
I have decided to put both together.  Baking has now become
my passion and I intend to carry on the family tradition.

Cooking with Curves Signature Oatmeal Cookies
are made from scratch with all natural, organic ingredients
baked fresh to order.  Its my personal guarantee that every
baked creation from Cooking with Curves
is baked with a taste of love, rooted in family tradition...
from my heart to yours.

- Erin J. Thomas